Earbud to Dual-Wireless Stereo Speakers

The design of most Bluetooth speakers has a limitation; the sound comes from a single point and can’t be spread apart to enjoy the vivid nature of stereo sound. Thankfully this isn’t the 1950s any more and there are solutions, notably in the form of repurposing the electronics found in wireless earbuds to use them to drive two truly wireless and separate stereo speakers that work in tandem for beautiful stereo audio reproduction.

Utilising two very specific speaker drivers, this project dives into core speaker building concepts to ensure that the sound is well balanced and full sounding, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing to boot.

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If you want to construct a pair of these great little speakers yourself you may find the additional resource pack useful, which includes full details of the crossover & smoothing circuitry, dimensions, cutouts (CNC files plus an additional square version that's easier to build), and extra info about specific bluetooth receiver boards that work as a stereo pair if you want even better audio quality than what ear buds can provide. You can find it on the members download page (requires Patreon payment of $5 to access): Members Area

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